Automate management of Helm Charts Repository for your DevOps team

With Helmbay we were aiming to improve usablity of Helm charts in general. Helm is relatively new technology for enthusiasts and ease of use is not there yet.

We are heavily invested in making UI and API friendly for newcomers and experts.

Our design is minimalistic and simplistic. The user interface is guiding through the process, following ‘Do not make me think’ paradigm, so everyone can catch up with it really quick.

One of the main issues we have solved is access control to Helm charts. We provide you set of access control tier for users to decide who can change, install or see helm charts.

Deploy tokens allow you to create credentials to access single repository with bespoke set of permissions. It may be very handy for integrating Helmbay with Continuous Integration and Continuous deployment tools, like Github Actions, Gitlab CI or even more modern GitOps tools like ArgoCD and FluxCD.

Managing helm charts for multiple project teams might be tricky. We are providing you with the ability to create as many repositories as you need. Each repository access can be configured separatelly from the others.

Microservices related to a single app can have their own repository. For the agencies or freelancers it is convenient to create one repository per client/project.

It is very flexible so we hope it will suit your needs as well.

Private repository

  • Invite team members to collaborate on a chart
  • Keep control over who can install app
  • Share helm charts with a team
  • Maintain versioning of the charts


  • Fully compatible with chartmuseum API and helm-push plugin
  • Battle tested with more than 1000 helm charts

Integration with Git

  • Fetch and publish charts from Git automatically
  • Retains context by linking commits to chart versions
  • Provides PR validation steps for helm chart

API and thirdparty apps

  • Extend your helm repository with thirdparty apps
  • Use API to integrate Helmbay with your apps
  • Supercharge your CI/CD process with our CLI tool