An effortless and private repository for Kubernetes apps.
👋 DevOps friendly. Enterprise-ready.

Trusted by 1000+ DevOps and SRE around the globe.


We are a DevOps team. We have built Helmbay to provide quick and easy way to spin up Helm repository.
Watch a video to learn how can you do it in under 5 minutes

Build a proper helm repository for all of your apps and dev teams.

Fast to start

Create Helm repositories in just a few seconds

Designed for teams

Manage multiple repositories in one UI

Easy access control

Set repository-level access policy by team, project, or company division

Fully automated

Sit back and relax, let Helmbay ingest Helm charts from Git automatically

Guess what?! Then you can use Helmbay for free for all your personal projects!

We make it easy for everyone to find and use Helm charts by providing automatically generated usage instructions and easy to use web interface.

Check it out.

Helm repository screenshot

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