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If you are working in the field of DevOps or if your company is developing DevOps-based solutions with Kubernetes then there are chances that you will be interested in using Helm charts for your work.

Helm helps you in managing your Kubernetes applications. With Helm, you can deploy charts, which are like a packaged application, and helps you in defining, installing, and upgrading even the most complicated Kubernetes application. You can also say that it is a collection of all your pre-configured and versioned, application resources which can be deployed as one unit.

If you are trying to deploy an application for your client or yourself then Helm can be used as your packaging mechanism which can package your application as a Kubernetes application

So if you are looking for a tool that makes your work with Helm fast and automated with access control, or if your developers are required to deploy the app, and they find the existing solutions hard to maintain and costly, then HelmBay is for you. HelmBay is a Web interface optimized SaaS tool for your Helm repo management.

What is HelmBay?

It is a Software development tool that works as a Private Helm charts repository for you. Helm charts are the most used way to install applications into Kubernetes clusters. So HelmBay provides you a private repository to keep your helm charts and integrate them with automated CI/CD tools, or with FluxCD, ArgoCD, etc.

HelmBay provides you with a private repo instantly and automates your Helm repo updates by importing from the GitHub repository. You can distribute your Helm charts within your company and can share the repo access with your team easily. HelmBay will have a read and write access control on helm chart level.

HelmBay is a SaaS product and doesn’t need to be installed locally and it is ready to use instantly. Also, it is a single-purpose product, which means no steep learning curve or no need to watch long tutorials for starting with. All you need is, register on the website, choose your preferred plan, and start working. It’s as simple as that.

Looking for a Helm Repository?

Helmbay provides an enterprise-ready helm repository for free. Add you,r teammates, upload unlimited version of the charts, connect to any modern GitOps or CI/CD tool.

So here are five reasons why you should visit HelmBay? (And start using it)

1. Easy to use and smooth user experience

HelmBay has a very simple and optimized web interface. It is easy to use and you do not need to install anything on-premises. After registering on the website, you get an instant free repository for yourself. The repo will be ready to use and you can push and pull images immediately. Also, you can upgrade the plan to try extra features with a free trial.

Apart from that, HelmBay is easy to adapt and you do not need to take extra training to start using it.

2. It automates most of your work with Helm

HelmBay automatically keeps the repository up to date by importing from the Git repository. Helm charts are automatically picked up from the git repository. New versions are detected via regular polling or webhooks.

Once a new version of your helm chart has been detected it will be ingested into the helm repository, and the package index will be updated. You just need to select the repository and it will pick up all helm charts it can find. Fully automated, nothing manual. This saves your time and as well as makes your team more productive.

3. It is easily compatible with other platforms.

You can connect HelmBay with other products and it perfectly fits into your existing infrastructure, either you want to push helm charts from your local system or with the helm push plugin, you can use anyone. It is compatible with other tools such as Helm CLI and GitOps tools.

Also, We have been continuously testing HelmBay with all recent versions of various software and with the most popular 1000 public helm charts to make sure you would never experience any issues.

4. It suits large companies and multi-team setups

HelmBay is flexible with your team and you can manage multiple repositories with it. You can also set a repository-level access policy for your team members. Also, for agencies and freelancers, it might be beneficial to create repositories and provide access to their clients.

If you have a bigger team working on one project then you can also share the repo among your team members directly from the platform. All of your team members can work on it. Thus it makes collaboration easy for the team and increases efficiency.

5. Private mirror of your public repositories

HelmBay can work as a backup plan too for you. We all know that, in this era of technology and the internet, Global services can go down and there is not too much we can do about it except wait until it comes back up. This can affect our business works and other important data. So why completely rely on them? To avoid system failure or data loss you can create a mirror of public helm chart with HelmBay. This way you would have two independent sources of helm chart. You can switch between them in case one becomes temporarily unavailable.


HelmBay is a tool that can help your team in developing better DevOps solutions faster and can automate most of your work. You can keep helm charts for your side projects in a private helm repository free forever. Learn helm, set up GitOps continuous delivery using helm package, or share your helm charts with collaborators all of this is much simpler with HelmBay.

You can upgrade your plan and can try extra features. Also you can host more than one repo with upgraded plan. HelmBay also makes collaborate with other team members easy and increases productivity and efficiency. It is easy to use and has a simple user interface design. So no need to watch hours-long tutorials to start using.

What are you waiting for now? Start transforming the world of DevOps with HelmBay (Try it now!).

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Five reasons why you should visit HelmBay

If you are working in the field of DevOps or if your company is developing DevOps-based solutions with Kubernetes then there are chances that you